Bullets for Amnesty Court 2019 – 07/10/19

10 Jul

Bullets for Amnesty Court 2019 – 07/10/19

What is Amnesty Court?
Amnesty Court will give Defendants the opportunity to have Failure to Appear Warrants recalled and satisfy the underlying charges.

When is it?
August 12-16, 2019 — 8 am – 5 pm

Where is it?
At the Creola Municipal Court
9615 Old Hwy 43
Creola AL 36525

Who is it for?
Amnesty Court is for those Defendants who have missed court and now have an active Failure to Appear Warrant for their arrest. It is ONLY for Defendants with FTA warrants, it does not apply to those who have not bonded on their original charge.

Why should a defendant come to Amnesty Court?
It could save them over $600 per FTA charge. It will also keep them from having to be arrested and booked in Jail on those FTA charges.

How do I get more information?
Call the Amnesty Court information Line at (251) 264-2944.